Davis needs a commissioner who will give 150 percent

Jun 14 2012 - 1:58pm


I heard that Terry Spencer is running for Davis County Commissioner once again. I understand he's offering to take a cut in pay. It's as though he's hung a piece of juicy steak out for everyone to salivate over but forgot to mention it's soaked in poison.

Every elected officer I know takes a cut in pay in order to serve. Terry will too, if he works as much as the position requires. The less he works as a commissioner, the more he'll be able to spend time making money in his private divorce practice or any other of his financial endeavors. Who will do his work?

Did you know that the Davis County Commission oversees approximately 900 employees and manages a multi-million dollar budget? A base salary of $119,000 is very reasonable if not low.

I did my homework and found interesting facts. According to Stacey Carroll, CCP, Director of Professional Services and Education for PayScale, Inc., a CEO at a 350-person company has an average salary of $228,000 per year. Carroll found this refreshing compared to the salaries of larger companies where CEO salaries are in the millions. Utah commissioners might be underpaid. Utah, in general, under pays its elected officials. We are in one of the five lowest states for compensation.

Don't be fooled. Choose an honest man. Choose a man who knows how to build coalitions, not controversy. We deserve county commissioners who are committed 150 percent.

Laura Warburton




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