Yosemite rock fall risk prompts closures of some lodging sites

Jun 15 2012 - 2:43pm

LOS ANGELES - Some of the more popular lodging areas in Yosemite Valley will be closed because of a high risk of rock falls along the national park's towering granite walls, federal officials announced Thursday.

Prompted by a new study, 18 sites in historic Curry Village, a tract of canvas and wooden cabins, will be shut down along with a half-dozen spots below the sheer cliffs of El Capitan that are mainly used by rock climbers.

The closures come four years after a huge rock fall hit 17 cabins in Curry Village and sent schoolchildren scrambling for their lives. In the aftermath, park officials fenced off 233 of the village's 600 cabins below the Glacier Point promontory.

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