Riverdale to stick with youth program

Jun 17 2012 - 11:14pm

RIVERDALE -- The Riverdale City Council agreed to an addendum with Communities That Care, continuing its participation with three other cities to help prevent youths from engaging in risky behaviors.

CTC is seeking a multiple-year commitment from all participating cities in order to qualify for federal grants.

The change in the original agreement spells out Riverdale's participation for the next five years if CTC can secure a Drug-Free Communities grant, but only two years if it cannot.

According to the resolution, Riverdale city wishes to participate in "evidence-based" processes designed to guide communities through critical steps of mobilizing the community to identify and address youth issues.

City officials are requesting "measurable benchmarks" from CTC to evaluate the effectiveness and value of the program and determine Riverdale's continued participation.

Originally, Riverdale made a $2,000 donation to CTC with the understanding it would be a one-time arrangement. However, CTC approached the city a year later asking for multiple years' worth of donations.

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