Corporations have ownership of our water, other resources

Jun 18 2012 - 3:42pm


The European Union-U.S. "Trans-Atlantic Partnership" creates corporate trade agreements which take precedence over constitutional rights. The U.S. Constitution applies to individuals, not international corporations. The slide into corporate fascism began when the 14th Amendment was applied to corporations after the Civil War, then as Mitt Romney said "Corporations are people."

"USA Corporation," symbolized by gold braid surrounding the flag, in partnership with eight foreign EU nations, will be bound only by trade agreements.

This treason will void sovereign jurisdictions and grievance rights, allowing foreign corporations and governments operating as fascist corporations like the U.S., to purchase public lands, such as BLM land or national forests, public waters such as the Great Lakes or Mississippi River, over which the War of 1812 was fought. Then there are public assets such as the trillion bbl oil reserves in the Bakken Formation, ANWR or Gulf of Mexico. Property rights? As George Bush said "The Constitution is just a d

piece of paper."


"LOST," or the "Law of the Sea Treaty," aka United Nations Convention on Laws of the Sea, is part of U.N. Agenda-21; it turns control of the seas over to the U.N..

"CLEAR" Act (Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic resources Act) came in response to Deep Water Horizon. Federal water rights are being held above state and individual water rights. The origination of rivers is being declared "Endangered Species Habitat." Downriver users are now required to cede water rights to federal control via NOAA and FWS (Fish and Wildlife) before repairing or upgrading any system. Water is how the West was won and how it will be "LOST."

Howard Ratcliffe


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