Constitution Party sends two Utah governor hopefuls to primaries

Jun 21 2012 - 10:58am


Kirk Pearson
Kirk Pearson

The Constitution Party ended up with two candidates for governor because the convention couldn't pick between two guys who are such good friends that they each think the other guy would do a good job.

Brandon Nay, 34, Tooele, and Kirk Pearson, 49, Lake Point in Tooele County, are both general contractors. They say they're good friends who really see eye-to-eye on most things.

Except, apparently, one day they forgot to tell each other that they were both filing for governor.

"We were focusing on some key races we wanted to make sure we had candidates running," said Pearson. "The governor was one of them and a few people talked about running but nobody had committed.

"So Brandon and I both kind of filed without speaking to each other," he said.

They each got 50 percent support at the convention, so they end up in the statewide primary.

Both work as an independent building contractor. Both believe in the Constitution Party's stance, which is a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

"Basically, we feel if we were to follow that in the tradition of the founding fathers pretty much every social ill we face would be taken care of," said Pearson. "Government is there to protect our God-given rights, not give us things."

Nay said "One thing that comes to mind with me with Governor (Gary) Herbert is the amnesty thing," a reference to state efforts to allow some undocumented workers to find jobs.

"I believe that people should come here legally. Working on construction, you see a lot of illegals. I have a roofer who works with me, he's from Bosnia, he came here the right way. He's very successful here. He's got a good business.

"You hear that people say illegals will do a better job. I say so they should come here legally."

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