Plain City residents seek speed limit change

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 1:49 PM


PLAIN CITY -- Residents are requesting the speed limit on 4700 West be lowered from 40 mph to 35 mph.

Kathleen Jacobson and Craig Edsinger both made the request as well as collect signatures from neighboring residents who live in the area of 1500 North and 4700 West.

Jacobson said a family member recently had a 2-year-old border collie that was hit and killed at the side of the road but was not in the road. She said she is concerned it could be a child in the future, and said those using the road currently exceed the 40 mph speed limit.

Some residents don’t allow their children to use the bus stop on the road according to Jacobson, but drive their children to school because of the high speed of the traffic.

Mayor Jay Jenkins said in order to change the speed limit a study would need to be conducted by the Weber County Sheriff’s Department.

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