Surviving transmogrification

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 1:48 PM

John W. Reynolds

Unless you are a law professor or an avid video war games fan you probably haven’t had occasion to use the word "transmogrified"; or perhaps have used it incorrectly, such as — "Waiter I’ll have the transmogrified oysters with a side salad;" or "I was transmogrified at the cost of our Disneyworld vacation."

Although transmogrified sounds like a made up word such as "supercalifraglisticexpealidotious," or at least a word associated with sci-fi movies and grotesque monsters, androids and superheroes; but it’s not. It’s real, and real scary, and one familiar to progressive liberal one-worlders.

The word is actually used to describe an aspect of LOST, "Law of The Sea." LOST failed in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan did not sign the treaty, and for good reason. Sen. John Kerry will hold hearings to illustrate the "benefits" of the Treaty. He’s also trying to woo Republican senators such as Sen. Richard Lugar a supporter of LOST who recently LOST his bid for re-election, interesting.

Kerry said the treaty "meets perfectly the global test." Did you know that there was a "global test" that we must meet? And you may not be surprised that at the core of LOST, is what else, wealth transference through a process known as Transmogrification. Invoking this poly-syllabic word which means "to change into different shapes or forms especially one that is fantastic, grotesque, or bizarre" has dire consequences; many of the current administration’s policies fall into this definition. Article 82 of LOST would penalize the U.S. by forfeiting our royalties generated from offshore drilling; the money would go to a U.N. committee to be distributed to third world countries of the U.N.’s choosing. Even though the Senate must approve all treaties, this bears watching given the president’s penchant for taking matters into his own hands as we’ve seen with immigration, rural America, recess appointments and other "imperialistic" actions.

The treaty was co-authored by Elizabeth Mann Borgese, a marxist, who views the ocean as the common heritage of all mankind and declared in 1999 that "The Ocean has been and is our greatest laboratory for the making of a new world order." We might ask, does a new world order also mean one world government, concentrating more and more power into the hands of fewer people? Borgese has to be among those who like to blame America first and frequently (BAFF). A part of the treaty is establishing an International Seabed Authority, ISA, which would have power to regulate 70 percent of the world’s surface including fishing, oil exploration and the U.S. Navy.

LOST sounds like the perfect liberal, progressive, Democratic Party scheme, one that idealist believe will solve the world’s problems by hand holding and singing Kumbaya. Makes you wonder what’s with these guys; are they blindly determined to reduce us to a level that totally deincentivizing American ingenuity and free enterprise? Kerry is the right man he has experience in wealth transference; he married into a wealthy family and has become wealthy himself.

But here we are with yet another scheme, backed by Progressive Democrats, remember Obama’s executive order that created the White House Council on Rural America which goes hand in glove with the United Nation’s Agenda 21, that would not only transfer wealth but control from our government to the International government of the U.N.?

Seems they just can’t get enough of one world government. Senator Kerry’s hearings will be interesting if for no other reason than to hear how transmogrification can be glorified to be something other than theft.

So then, how do we survive transmogrification? It’s simple, change. Change the leadership in the nations’ capital. We need leaders who have that AmeriCAN-Do Spirit, who have that belief in a country with a destiny. Elect a president and Congress that believe in America, its greatness and a future that honors our forefathers and the Constitution.

Reynolds lives in Pleasant View. He is a retired businessman and member of the Kiwanis Club of North Ogden

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