Top of Utah shelters busy with calls about missing, found pets after noisy Fourth

Jul 5 2012 - 11:20pm

FRUIT HEIGHTS -- Animal shelters along the Wasatch Front saw a steady stream of pet owners looking for missing pets Thursday, officials say.

"This is a hard time of year for animals, what with lots of noises and lots of people," said Clint Thacker, Davis County Animal Services director.

On Thursday, several people called the shelter looking for their cats and dogs, he said. The shelter also got a high volume of calls from people who found cats. "It's been a very busy morning," Thacker said.

Most of the lost pets will be returned to the owners within a few days, but even though the shelter has received many phone calls, the number of animals picked up is actually lower than last week, he said.

On June 27 and 28, animal control officers in Davis County picked up 33 dogs and cats. On Wednesday and Thursday, officers picked up 27 dogs and cats.

Weber County's Sheriff Lt. Chad Ferrin, the director of Weber County Animal Service, said his facility saw "more foot traffic (Thursday) as people tried to reclaim their animals."

Unfortunately, he said, some pet owners had to identify pets who died after being hit by vehicles during the night.

"We've had some teary-eyed people in our lobby today."

To report a lost or found animal in Davis County, call 801-444-2200.

To report a lost or found animal in Weber County, call 801-399-8244.

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