Be creative; celebrate without dangerous fireworks

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:07 PM

Dave Sackolwitz


I understand that the 4th of July is the day all Americans should celebrate the birth of this great country. The tradition has been for our states, towns, communities to have parades and festivals throughout the day. Then, after the sun goes down, we have displays of fireworks throughout the skies.

I remember as a young boy, I always looked forward to lighting the fireworks outside the house as well as watching my community put on a fireworks show. During these many 4th of July celebrations throughout the years, I remember the emphasis was always on safety, proper supervision and having fun.

I ask you all, do we not care about our safety anymore? Do we look the other way because of big business (firework companies and the almighty dollar) and risk our homes and children’s safety when fires are destroying homes and land all over?

People, do we not have any common sense left? Hey, there were fires going all around us during the 4th of July. I received warnings on my cell phone on July 2, 3 and 4, asking us not to light fireworks due to the heat and dryness.

Are we not creative enough to celebrate the 4th another way? We need to cap off the evening lighting these potential life threatening fireworks?

Wow! Let’s not burn our great country down and let’s have common sense. Let’s keep and enjoy what we have. It’s Independence Day.

Dave Sackolwitz

South Weber

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