Hooper will keep raising flushing fee

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:06 PM

Ed Venstra


Fellow Hooperites, what do you suppose is the Guinness record for a "flushing fee?" We must be close to the top with our $50 a month. That’s $600 a year, folks. Outrageous. Seventy-five percent of Hooper citizens were not in favor of a vacuum sewer; they were ignored.

I suppose all the sewer lovers in Hooper’s infamous mid-section are elated about the recent raise in the flushing fee. The majority, especially those on fixed incomes, are not thrilled about this atrocity that should have never happened. It was done by false assumptions, bad intelligence, utterly awful judgement and engineering failure.

Here’s what the city is going to say: "Oh, we’re not putting this on you; it’s the sewer district."

But we all know who got us into this mess. We could have a plant of our own, with gravity flowing like Plain City, instead of one that sucks. By the way, the flushing fee in Plain City is $13.50 a month, with no tax.

In Hooper, we have a natural flow to the lake. Instead of taking advantage of this gift from nature, we suck and pump sewage to Slaterville, uphill!

Not one of our "magnificent seven" or mayor ever attended the monthly sewer district meeting in Slaterville. They never had a clue about what was happening there.

A concerned citizen who attended the meetings, delivered literature to them explaining a $140 million upgrade mandated by the state because they were polluting the lower Weber River big time.

He also warned of the huge expense that would be thrust on Hooper residents. They ignored the information the same way they did with our petition.

The worse part is, the mayor let them annex us into the district and rubber stamp an agreement where we can’t get out. The gate’s closed until the district is out of debt. Look up the word, "never" in the dictionary.

This ain’t the last raise folks; get used to it. Just remember this disastrous, huge lifetime obligation was thrust on us by political and engineering intelligence failure.

Ed Venstra


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