Weber educator should not teach personal opinion

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:06 PM

Marie Marshall


As I read the July 1 article, "10 facts you probably don’t know about early America," concerning some of the myths connected to the history of the founding of America, as well as certain paintings depicting events with our Founding Fathers, I was almost blown away by certain comments of the professor at Weber State and I have to challenge one of her statements.

I might not be as knowledgeable as she claims to be certain of these events (not happening), but one thing I do know; any person stating that George Washington was not a religious person, so the story of his praying in the woods by his horse," probably didn’t happen," needs to provide proof of her claim.

What is her source for such a foolish statement? What makes her an expert on this event, other than personal opinion?

Anyone, after reading any of his preserved writing or prayers for America would hesitate before coming to such a ridiculous conclusion and then expressing it.

It only goes to show what many of us are aware of as certain of these "educators," and I use the term loosely, use their "bully pulpits," to indoctrinate the minds of some of their young students with such nonsense. They should not be allowed to teach personal opinions when there is abundant proof through numerous sources that such events did happen. Many miracles also occurred during this time, which I’m sure they can’t explain because that takes a believing heart to accept. God bless America!

Marie Marshall


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