Bush was also slandered, degraded

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:04 PM

Virginia Hernandez Reza


The writer of the letter of July 8, "Huntsville float exemplifies what’s wrong with country," complained about a Huntsville’s parade float that displayed President Obama and the Secret Service. In her opinion it was a treasonous act.

Before Obama was involved with national politics, a New York Times columnist, Mary McGrady, was giving a thumbs up in her column for some protest marchers holding up pictures of President Bush with a Hitler’s mustache. There were signs of President Bush, Rumsfeld and Vice-president Cheney as "the real axis of evil." That took place in 2003 and those long forgotten vicious attacks, slandering and degrading of the president of the United States began in 2000 up until 2008.

What was tragic was the liberal mobs literally defamed Bush’s person as a human being and the office of his presidency. These people did not seem to be civil or decent to this president and not much outrage was said, especially from the mainstream media.

The letter writer labeled the actions of these citizens from Huntsville as indecent toward "their leader." The word treason is being thrown about freely, but the writer is entitled to her opinions, her "freedom of speech."

I’ve learned long ago as an activist in the community when a patriotic American stands up for what they believe is right because of being well informed about politics and the role of government, the naysayers will begin their vicious attacks. For anyone to be using their freedom of speech, they should at least know their facts and know what they are talking about.

Why attack the people in Huntsville for this display because they were absolutely correct for what went on with this president and his Secret Service men?

What a pity just how uninformed the writer seems to be. I will add a side note that the Standard-Examiner’s reporting was just as ridiculous. Everyone has that right to use their Constitutional rights when it comes to freedom of speech, and I give these wonderful people in Huntsville many Kudos! Isn’t it great to still live in the land of the free?

Virginia Hernandez Reza


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