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Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:17 PM

Alex Esplin

The hard rock band 3 Pill Morning, based in Minneapolis, Minn., is set to release “Black Tie Love Affair” on Tuesday. This album is the band’s first major record debut, and is expected by the musicians to be the album that finally puts them on the map.

“Black Tie Love Affair” aims to build upon the success of the band’s independently released “Take Control” album in 2011. The new album is a re-mastered version of six of 3 Pill Morning’s earlier songs, with four brand new songs.

“Black Tie Love Affair” was recorded in the winter of 2012 with producer/engineer Jon King, who has worked with Augustana, Future Leaders of The World, Throwing Gravity and Darling Parade.

Band vocalist Jeff Stebbins has said of the producer, “Jon King is a multitalented guy, and the reason we love working with him is the passion he puts into each project ... It’s very difficult to find someone that believes in a band whole-heartedly

and will work their ass off to make sure success is possible.”

Of the album, Stebbins says in a press release, “I like the concept of ‘Black Tie Love Affair’ because nothing in life is ever perfect, yet we all dream about the money, the nice suits, the flawless relationship, and are obsessed with that dream. Being in the music biz is the same thing, where we want the packed stadiums, fast cars, a tour bus, but the reality is, to make it in anything, you have to kill yourself to make it happen. ‘Black Tie Love Affair,’ the album, takes you through the reality of life and the fact that things aren’t always perfect.”

“Sound-wise on this album, we basically extended the boundaries of everything we’ve wanted to do in the past. We took the rock band that we’ve always been but made it heavier and hit harder,” he explains. “We also took melody and a pop aspect and really tried to write memorable stuff both lyrically and melodically. Then we threw the X-factor on it with some electronic almost ’80s vibe on some things. A crazy mix, and we hope people will really dig its uniqueness.”

Besides Stebbins, members of the band are Ryan Walch, guitar/keys; Charlie McCoy, bass/vocals; and Trent Laugerman, drums.

The tracks on “Black Tie Love Affair” are as follows; ratings are on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best.

1. “Rain.” “The song is about moving on after dealing with a liar and a cheat in a relationship,” Stebbins said in a Noisecreep post. “Instead of sitting around depressed, you grab some cash, grab some friends, party it up and move on.” Rating: 8.

2. “Skin.” The album’s title comes from the first line in this song. “Skin” will be the first post-album single and is the second of four new songs from this band on this album; this lustful song has that electronic ’80’s vibe Stebbins was talking about. Rating: 7.

3. “Nothing’s Real.” Like several other songs on the CD, this song captures the concept of the album, although sound-wise this isn’t my favorite. Rating: 6.

4. “Loser.” The hit single from “Take Control” is the hardest song on the album and one of my favorites. Rating: 8.

5. “I Want That For You.” The third of four new songs is very good, the lyrics hit deep, and the guitars combine with Stebbins’ voice to create strong emotion. Rating: 7.

6. “So Good To Leave.” The only acoustic song on the album, this piece carries heavy emotion from start to finish. Rating: 7.

7. “Take Control.” The 2011 title track returns on this album with a more polished sound. Rating: 6.

8. “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Although I can’t relate to this song personally, I hear a deep story that speaks to many of the band’s rebellious female listeners. Rating: 7.

9. “Revolution.” The final new song on the album, the title makes the subject of the song self-explanatory. I can see this song being played live and energizing crowds for 3 Pill Morning in their near future. Rating: 7.

10. “Drive By Lies.” One of the fastest-paced songs on the album, “Drive By Lies” has a similar concept to “Rain” and is an excellent way to bring the album to a close. Rating: 8.

3 Pill Morning has chosen wisely when picking which of their old songs would make the cut for this album; they blend nicely with the new songs to create a clear concept. So when “Black Tie Love Affair” drops Tuesday, I highly recommend that fans of rock music check it out!

Alex Esplin recently graduated from Dorius Academy. He enjoys writing short stories and is working on a novel. Email him at fish_head_o7@comcast.net.

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