ISN’T YOUNG LOVE GRAND? But must lovers be so annoying?

Sep 14 2012 - 11:48am


Photo illustration by CJ GARSIDE/Bonneville High School/
Photo illustration by CJ GARSIDE/Bonneville High School/

At the beginning of every relationship, there's a phase where life seems to be sunshine and butterflies; everything is wonderful and your significant other is flawless. You wake up in the morning ready to burst into song as if your life were a fairy tale.

But, if you're not careful, your friends will kill you out of irritation before you get a chance to celebrate that "monthiversary" you've been going on about.

Teenagers, in particular, are the worst when it comes to overdoing new relationships. Practices that you deem to be "cute" may be grating on the nerves of those around you, from your friends, who are forced to observe your relationship from a close vantage point, to random strangers around you in public places. 

Here are some practices all you teen couples should avoid in order to preserve your life and friendships, as well as your dignity. 

Aww, Schnookums

While the occasional "honey" or "babe" can be endearing, supremely sappy pet names -- can you say "Love Muffin"? -- are nauseating. They make other people embarrassed on your behalf. 

So, skip the cheesy names; if you must, save them for cooing over a baby who has no idea what you're actually saying or, better yet, never ever use them on any living being.

Facebook faux pas 

Clingy couples shine on Facebook. While you should probably be able to see evidence of your relationship on your guy's or gal's wall, there's no need to comment on every single thing they post. Likewise, you don't have to use Facebook as a way to wish them a good morning, afternoon or evening, or tell them you love them 20 times a day.

Save personal comments or conversations for texting, calling, or even better, talking in person. While it's great that you love each other, all 400 of your Facebook friends don't really care to see you talking about it all day long. 

And another thing that all of Facebook doesn't want to see? Pictures of the two of you making out. Do you really want all of your friends to look at that? Plus, those pictures are going to be awkward if the two of you break up, whether you take them down or leave them. Do yourself, and your friends, a favor and keep them to yourself. 

'You hang up first'

Another thing about many couples that can get annoying very quickly is their constant need to be with each other.  Whether it is blocking the door to your next class, simply because they don't want to say goodbye, or those ridiculous "No, you hang up first" calls or texts, this reluctance to part can become exasperating to those around you, even though you and your partner may be oblivious to it. 

While it may seem cute that you want to keep talking, it becomes quickly annoying. It will be OK to hang up on your significant other for a little bit until it's a better time for both of you to talk, or it's all right to tear yourselves away from each other so your significant other can get to that next class.

'Be right with you'

We try to support our friends in that new relationship, but it can get frustrating when they begin to exclude us to spend more time with their new boyfriend or girlfriend. The urge to kill them out of irritation grows stronger when the time you meant to spend with your friend is used up because they are either on the phone or texting their boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Yes, they insist that they'll hang up soon, but five minutes soon turns into an hour or two, and you have to leave. Again, hang up! Your friends were probably there before the relationship, and will be there after, so you shouldn't ignore them just because you and your "special someone" don't want to say goodbye.

Break it up!

It's cute to see that you and your "special someone" want to be together forever, but those public displays of affection can be obnoxious. It's embarrassing for others to see you making out with your sweetie in the middle of the halls, oblivious to everything and everyone else, not to mention those three-hour-long hugs.

Chances are, you're also blocking the hallways by standing in the middle of them, making it really hard for others to get where they need to be. A quick hug and peck on the cheek can give the same message as the long hugs or the mini make-out sessions.

Holding hands can become annoying as well, if you refuse to let go for any reason, especially if another person is forced to "walk through" you. We try to avoid it, but let's face it, the school hallways are cramped, and sometimes there just isn't any other way through the crowd except for the awkward moment of having to walk through a couple who are holding hands. 

Really, most of these little habits that many couples have are OK, but they need to be practiced in moderation. We understand that you like each other a lot; that's why you're going out, so you really don't need to "prove it" by making us want to kill you out of annoyance.

While the love may seem like it will last forever, you may eventually end up ending the relationship, so spare yourself and others the embarrassment.

Kalli Damschen will be a senior at Clearfield High School this fall; email her Meghan Jones will be a junior at Bonneville High; contact her at


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