Training helicopter crashes Monday

Jul 16 2012 - 11:31pm

WOODS CROSS -- The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating why a small training helicopter crashed at the Skypark Airport on Monday.

The crash was reported around noon, said Woods Cross Police Chief Greg Butler.

The two occupants, a student and an instructor, walked away from the crash and did not need any medical treatment.

The initial investigation showed the student was doing some maneuvers and "did them incorrectly, and the instructor was not able to take over in time," Butler said.

The helicopter was about 50 feet above the ground when it crashed onto the airport's main runaway, skidded about 100 feet and then rolled several times before it stopped.

The helicopter is owned by Upper Limit Aviation, Butler said.

Information was not available about the age of the student or how much experience the instructor had.

The main runaway at the airport was closed for about two hours until the helicopter could be moved.

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