Officials explore options to keep Station Park-bound pedestrians safe

Jul 18 2012 - 9:53pm

FARMINGTON -- Officials are considering several options to deal with an increase in foot traffic and safety concerns generated by the growth of Station Park.

Specifically, the developing retail center has raised concerns about pedestrian access on the south end of the development along Clark Lane. There is a sidewalk on the south side of Clark Lane, but it is the lack of a location where pedestrians can cross to access the development that has raised concerns.

City officials hired traffic engineer Timothy Taylor to study the issue and propose possible options.

Earlier this year, Andrew Tolman was killed when he was hit by an SUV while walking his bike in a crosswalk at State Street and 400 West. Two Scouts have gained permission to put crossing flags at key intersections in the city, but the proposals under consideration to access Station Park go beyond that.

Short term, city leaders are expected to finalize a proposal to put crosswalks at both the east and west ends of Clark Lane, near the development. They may additionally put in an asphalt path on the north side of the street, just west of the Interstate 15 overpass, to give pedestrians a designated place to cross the street.

They are also talking about a crosswalk across from the theater complex, farther up the street to the west.

"We want to get in front of this," City Manager Dave Millheim said.

Station Park officials are also concerned about potential safety issues.

"We share your concerns. We think it's necessary," Craig Trottier, vice president of development for CenterCal, told officials during a recent work session on the issue.

Millheim said officials will conduct a cost analysis and potentially come back to the city council with a proposal in several weeks. He stressed that while a short-term solution is in the works, the traffic generated by the $250 million development will potentially require some sort of traffic signal in the future.

Traffic signals have been estimated to cost between $75,000 and $80,000.

Officials have also talked about new signs for bicyclists crossing the overpass near the development and designating a full lane that bicyclists and motorists will share across the bridge.

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