Mitt's immigration stance disruptive

Jul 20 2012 - 1:07pm


Obviously something needs to be done about illegal immigration in this county. We need to enforce the existing laws or have comprehensive immigration reform.

Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney's solution is to build a 2,600 mile fence costing billions and hire many more border patrol agents. He has emphatically stated that the 11 million illegal aliens should be required to return to their native countries. He said that includes even grandparents who have been here for decades and served in their communities.

He wants all of them to go home "to the back of the line" and apply for work visas. It doesn't appear to bother him that this would be very disruptive and split up families since some family members are here legally and some aren't.

Governor Romney also opposes the "Dream Act." This bill is for the children of illegal aliens, who were brought to this country as children (it is not their fault that they were brought to this country.) These children speak English fluently and have been educated as Americans. This bill would provide conditional residency and a path to citizenship if they complete two years in the military or four years in college and complete a six-year waiting period. They would not get free tuition.

I am an LDS Democrat, and this is one of several reasons I will not support Mitt Romney for president. I do not understand how any person of Hispanic background could support him for his ultra-conservative stance on these very important issues.

Grant Hansen

St. George




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