Roundabout at Pleasant View Drive to get safety barrier

Jul 22 2012 - 10:50pm

PLEASANT VIEW -- Fancy fencing that will add a safety barrier is coming soon to the roundabout on Pleasant View Drive.

"It is quite a dropoff. We need some sort of safety barrier" to help ensure the safety of pedestrians and those riding bicycles, City Administrator Melinda Brimhall said.

The fence would be on 700 West and wrap around to Pleasant View Drive. Brimhall said fencing options being considered are steel or chain-link, with chain-link being the most cost-effective and still allowing full visibility. Chain-link also would not be a solid barrier that could cause problems with drainage or snow buildup.

Brimhall said guardrail was also considered, but was ruled out because, at 21 inches tall, she did not think it would provide safety for pedestrians and bikers.

A steel fence would cost twice as much as chain-link, but she said it was up to the city council to decide what type of fence members would like. Brimhall said a steel fence would look pretty at the roundabout.

"I'm of the opinion I'm tired of looking at all that stinking chain-link fence along Pleasant View Drive," said Councilman Scott Boehme. "It just looks ugly with all that chain-link along there."

"This is kind of our city center landmark," Mayor Doug Clifford said of the roundabout, which is landscaped with flowers in the summer and a decorated Christmas tree in winter.

"We have spent a lot of effort to make it such," added Clifford. "It is worth a little extra to maintain the appearance of that, and it (steel) would make it nicer."

Clifford also said the sidewalk in the area of the roundabout is not adequate.

"We put that sidewalk in, and it's unsafe, period," he said. "We didn't shore up the wall, there is no block around it, and it's starting to erode. We never did put any block in, and that is a really steep dropoff."

Clifford said it is important to fix that dangerous corner.

Council members agreed unanimously to install the steel ornamental fence, which will cost about $2,000.

Councilman Mel Marker said his company would donate time and labor to install the 5-foot-tall steel fence.

The city also intends to approach the issue of the dangerous slope in the area by seeing what can be done with the cooperation of nearby property owners.

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