Softball champions didn't get deserved recognition

Jul 27 2012 - 3:44pm


I enjoyed the 24th of July Pioneer Days Parade, especially the temperature, but the parade was not complete. Weber High School won the 5-A Softball State Championship and Roy High School won the 4-A Softball State Championship. Both were remarkable achievements and both teams should have been invited to ride on a victory float in the big parade. These kids deserved that honor. Weber County slipped-up on that deal, and I slipped-up by not suggesting it at an earlier date. Sorry.

Our so-called, number one, news station on TV, on the day of the finals, spent 10 minutes telling and showing clips of games played by Salt Lake teams and at the very end of the sports cast, they allotted 10 seconds to announce that Weber won the 5A and Roy won the 4A.

Hopefully, future successes from our local teams will meet with proper, deserved fame.

Hurray, Weber and hurray, Roy. Well done!

Jack E. Warner


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