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Photo illustration by JESSICA HEYWOOD/Morgan High School/
Photo illustration by JESSICA HEYWOOD/Morgan High School/

Pet peeves. Everybody's got a few, whether it's people chomping on their bubble gum too loudly or the way toilet paper rolls off the roll.

The funny thing is, to the outside world, these pet peeves seem so insignificant. But when it's one of your pet peeves that someone else is doing, it's hard to shake the totally annoyed WHAT-THE-HECK-ARE-THEY-THINKING? feeling. No matter how hard we try not to let our pet peeves bother us, they drive us crazy.

Some of our staff members shared a few of their own pet peeves so check them out and see if maybe you share a "peeve" with a TXer. Oh, and don't even think of trying to come to our next TX. staff meeting to attempt to annoy us -- now that you all know what we each secretly despise.

-- Allison Foster

Fremont High School


Meghan Jones, of Bonneville High School, hates

* Needing something, but not being able to find it, though you just saw it; then later finding the thing you needed, when you no longer need it. It drives me insane trying to find it, then after finally giving up, finding it in a place I swear I looked at least five times.

* When people misspell simple words, i.e. "there/their/they're." We've been at the grammar/spelling thing since about first grade, we should have it pretty much down.

* Employees who don't get the drive-thru order right. I realize when there is a big order, it can be hard to get everything right and there are other customers, however, it is these workers ' job to get things right, so it would be appreciated if the order was checked at least twice.

Taylor Deem, of Fremont High, is driven completely crazy when

* People chew with their mouth open. Or, in the same regard, when they chew openly and then start talking, I have to tell them to close their mouth. I've tried several polite ways of doing that, but none seem to get the point across that it's gross and disrespectful to whoever you're

talking to.

* People interrupt me when I am talking. Hello! I am the one with the talking stick. Me! If you have something to say please wait until I have finished to say whatever it is that is so monumentally important!

Minna Wang, of NUAMES, gets frustrated by

* People who feel a need to "like" everything they see of yours on Facebook. Seriously? Are people too lazy to make an actual comment? Or do they want me to think they're stalking me?

* Boys who wear tank tops but have no arm muscle. If you're going to try and show off your body, please -- have a nice one.

* People who swear incessantly for no reason. Too much swearing means a lack of an actual vocabulary. These people should read a little and quit dropping the F-bombs.

Katey Campbell, of Fremont High, is driven nuts by

* People who claim they're not very smart, repeatedly. This frustrates me, because by doing this they are limiting their own potential, and they act almost proud of it.

* People who don't do their share of the work in class projects. This makes the work harder for everyone else, and I hate having to pick up someone else's slack.

* Realizing someone has left gum under/on a surface you are touching. This is just gross, and there is no reason for people to do this. It just tells me they were too lazy to walk two feet to the garbage can.

* Those who mock reading. It's never fun to be made fun of, and when they mock something they clearly know little about it's frustrating.

Danielle Collier, of Northridge High, says her pet peeves include

* When parents put their kids on leashes, because they are kids, not animals.

* I hate when you buy a bag of chips, any size, but when you open them only one third of the bag -- if that -- actually has chips in it. It's such a rip-off; wouldn't most people like some chips with that air?

* I always get frustrated when I buy something I really like, then go to another store and they have the exact same thing, except it's cheaper than the one I bought.

Kalli Damschen, of Clearfield High, can't stand

* Excessive text language. Outside of texting, there are very few places that "u" rather than "you" and acronyms such as "idk" ("I don't know") are appropriate. Even within the cyber world, there is such a thing as too much. Is it really so hard to type out a couple of extra letters?

* Posting test scores on Facebook. Whether it's ACT or AP test scores, or even grades, when people post their scores it just seems like they're begging for attention and praise.

* People stepping on the back of flip-flops. Though it's generally an accident, it definitely hurts when someone who's walking behind you steps on the end of your flip-flops! Plastic straps digging into your toes never feels good.

Katie Byrd, of DaVinci Academy, dislikes

* People who talk during movies. Actually, I can't stand any sort of interruptions at movie theaters. Even someone texting can completely ruin the ambience.

* Anyone who lets their children throw tantrums in stores. I have a very low tolerance for screaming children. I have an even lower tolerance for parents who don't seem to mind that their kids are freaking out. I'm sure shopping with little kids is difficult, but some parents just don't seem to have a lot of respect for other shoppers.

* When someone in my family finishes cereal or milk or crackers -- anything that comes in a container -- and then puts the container back. It's such a letdown because you think you're going to get to eat some Ritz crackers, but actually the box is empty.

Allison Foster, of Fremont High, is bugged by

* People who are particular enough to notice and have an opinion about where the toothpaste is squeezed, whether the toilet paper is rolled from the top or the bottom, etc. This may sound very hypocritical, and it might be, but come on people! It's the toothpaste for Pete's sake! You can squeeze it any way you want!

* Apostrophe errors, especially on signs. Here's the rule folks: if the word ends in an "s" and needs to show possession, put the apostrophe AFTER the "s" not before! Apostrophes belong in the elementary school grammar unit.

* Those people who let their highlights grow out so you can see several inches of their roots. I don't know if they want to show the world a comparison of their natural hair color versus the one they bought in a bottle or what, but it just seems a little tacky.

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