Not taxing Internet sales hurts retail stores

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:33 PM

Randall Winn


I find myself in agreement with most Standard-Examiner editorials, but I do not agree with your view on Internet sales tax (Aug. 9, "No to online sales taxes"). Having owned and operated a retail store for many years, I experienced the impact of Internet sales on my brick and mortar business. It is partially why I am no longer in that business. As painful as that was, it would all be considered part of the impartial capitalistic system were it not for the 6-10 percent government subsidy given by not charging sales tax in various jurisdictions.

I understand your abhorrence of any additional tax anywhere, but a civic-minded person will want to repair the inequity of this situation so as to protect the vitality of their city’s business community.

Ogden has its share of small businesses in run-down little shops. Let’s give all retail a fair chance, and then the UPS trucks will have decent roads upon which to deliver the Internet purchases.

Randall Winn

North Ogden

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