How to escape a windbag

Aug 13 2012 - 6:25pm


MINNEAPOLIS -- We've all been there -- cornered at a party, in the grocery store or while on a simple neighborhood stroll, ensnared in an interminable conversation, our Niceness stymieing the vehement desire to cut off the talker and cut out.

But not all of us have experienced "the Johnson goodbye." Since Tom Stangl married into the Johnson family decades ago, he has learned to chuckle at the clan's perennial penchant for an adieu ritual that is extremely kind and incredibly slow, bidding godspeed with no speed whatsoever.

"I've seen them introduce new subjects all the way to the curb. One time, one of them followed my son to his car and then got in the car with him and stayed 30 minutes. And my son actually had to go somewhere."

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