Time-lapse video of WSU's Promontory Tower demolition

Aug 14 2012 - 7:35pm

OGDEN -- Maybe you were interested in seeing the slow-motion demolition of Weber State's Promontory Tower, but you didn't have the weeks required to stand nearby and watch.

Well, do you have 2 minutes and 25 seconds?

That's all it will take to watch a time-lapse video released by WSU. The video represents pictures snapped from a stationary camera over a period of about six weeks, said WSU spokesman John Kowalewski.

"We discovered that many of the former students and alumni who lived in Promontory Tower had fond memories, so when it came time to do the deconstruction, we thought this might be a popular way for former residents to reconnect with their old hall."

The video took about a week to edit, and has sparked strong reactions in campus personnel who have viewed it so far.

"I worked in the building for eight years, so for me it was sentimental to watch the process of it coming down all summer," Kowalewski said. "My hunch is that the people who once called Promontory Tower home may have a similar experience watching the video."

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