Fireworks line to stay put in Farmington

Aug 15 2012 - 9:34pm


FARMINGTON -- A move to impose restrictions on the use of fireworks in a bigger percentage of the city has failed -- at least for the time being.

City council members recently voted 3-2 to leave existing fireworks designations in place, following a motion to consider moving the line where the explosives would be allowed further west.

"I don't want to keep going over this year after year after year," Mayor Scott Harbertson said during discussion of the issue.

He said he has gotten more calls on the fireworks issue this year than any other single issue. The calls may keep coming, as city leaders have put reconsideration of the issue on the calendar for the first council meeting in April 2013.

The council had three options to consider in assessing their fireworks restrictions, but in the end voted to stay with what is already in place.

Councilman Nelsen Michaelson cast the decisive vote against imposing the new restrictions. He was joined by Councilmen Jim Talbot and Cory Ritz in choosing to stay with the designations currently in place.

Councilman John Bilton, who lives on the city's east side, had suggested the city should move the line designating restricted areas closer to Main Street and err on the side of caution. He made a motion to approve Motion One, which was the most restrictive of the three options, and gained a second for the move, but the motion failed.

"I guess I feel like I prefer to err on the side of caution. My opinion is, one loss of a home is one too many," Bilton said.

Council members who voted against the motion said leaders need to look at conditions next year, before changing the restrictions.

"We should wait and see what happens with weather conditions and in the spring," Michaelson said.

"I suggest we review it in the spring. I'm certainly not opposed to reviewing it," Talbot said of the existing lines between where the fireworks are allowed and where they are not.

The city's fire department had recommended city leaders adopt the most restrictive of the options.

Fire Chief Guido Smith said six fires in the city this year have been linked to the use of fireworks.

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