Prep football: Silver Wolves forget past, focused on now

Aug 15 2012 - 6:14pm


(Standard-Examiner file photo)
Fremont High players celebrate a touchdown against Brighton during a game in Plain City last season.
(Standard-Examiner file photo)
Fremont High players celebrate a touchdown against Brighton during a game in Plain City last season.

PLAIN CITY -- Back-to-back, times two.

In addition to being two-time defending Region 1 champions with a 13-0 record since 2010, the Silver Wolves also played in consecutive state 5-A title games over that span while going 21-5 overall.

All of which means nothing, as far as 2012 is concerned.

"I'm tired of talking about the past. That's done and gone and was great for those kids," said Fremont coach Kory Bosgieter. "We've had a lot of extra practices the last couple of years, and hopefully, that will benefit the kids who have been here.

"I do not see a team on our schedule that is not better than a year ago," he said. "We don't have a lot of time to grow up, and we have quality opponents on our preseason schedule."

For the third straight year, Fremont is using a two-quarterback system.

Garrett Gallegos and Jordan Preator are the triggermen in the Silver Wolves' multiple offense that features some West Coast, spread and option.

"This is our third year of playing more than one quarterback," Bosgieter said. "We have one quarterback that takes most of the snaps and manages the game, which is Gallegos. Preator is our personnel grouping quarterback. Right now, we would like to see Preator with the ball in his hands more than a year ago.

"Gallegos was the JV quarterback last year and he has done a good job of preparing himself for the season, both physically and mentally," he said. "Preator is as gifted as any athlete around. He has speed, vision and shake. His arm strength is greatly improved along with his accuracy. Preator is a good leader, too."

Blake Garner and Cole Bingham is the running back in Fremont's one-back look.

Wideouts include Karson Garcia and Braden Stratford in the slot, with Kade Criswell, Braden Swasey, Todd Bell and Tanner Hull on the outside. Christian Fehr and Paxton Merrill play tight end.

Down linemen include Jake Van Valkenburg and Tyler Wilding at center, Josh Canter, Zach Waddoups, Carson Davis and Rodney Moore at guard and tackles Tucker Zanone, Tucker Hurd, Jason Roe and Seth Greenwood.

"One of my concerns is inexperience. We're teaching them slowly because of inexperience," Bosgieter said. "Things are moving slower than normal and we don't have as much in. We're improving every day, but we have to be more consistent if we want to reach our goals."

Hurd and Zanone are each a three-year starter; Waddoups is a two-year starter who missed his sophomore season due to injury.

"We want to be balanced and coach Mims (offensive coordinator Lance Mimnaugh) will utilize our players in the best possible way, maximizing their talents and building around those talents," Bosgieter said.

"We would like to be able to grind it and then be able to stretch the defense and hit them with big plays. The playbook is narrowed and we're spoon-feeding them right now. We'll keep advancing as long as they can handle it," he said. "If we get to a point of confusion, then we pull it back. We're probably about where we expected to be, and we could have some sophomores playing in key positions."

The Silver Wolves will again use a 4-3 defensive scheme.

Lining up at end will be Tate Calvert, Chase Parslow, Chaz Messick, Aiden Arteaga and Kelton Christensen, with Kiefer Mogensen, Ty Kenison, Nate Wadsworth and Robert Green at tackle.

Colton Visser plays middle linebacker, with Jake Wadsworth, Carter Henrie and Braxton Wood at strong-side linebacker. Kaden Muirbrook and Kove are at weak-side linebacker.

Parker Preator, Stratford, A.J. Arteaga, Trevor Ingram, Wyatt Hall and Zach Sherman are the cornerbacks. Jordan Preator and Alex Tomlin play free safety; Austin Johnson and Merrill are at strong safety.

Jordan Preator and Garner will do kickoffs; Garner and Parker Preator will handle field goal and PAT attempts; and Jordan Preator and Garner are the punters.

"We have a lack of game experience on defense," Bosgieter said. "We have guys who have been in the program for three years, but don't have varsity game experience.

"At times, we've been tackling pretty well and to be a good defense you have to tackle," he said. "The kids are picking up the schemes, and whether we transfer that into a game we'll see on Friday. I'm excited to see if what we've learned in practice carries over into games when the bullets start flying."

Fremont is a zone team coverage-wise.

"Right now, our linebackers are the strength of the defense," Bosgieter said. "We have to tackle well and run to the football. If we do those two things consistently, we can be a good defense. We're right on pace with the defense, progressing slowly and not giving them too much too soon.

"We're inexperienced and untested on both sides of the ball," he said. "Our biggest key to the season is how well we deal with adversity, and there is no doubt we will face adversity. It's football and not all roses. When something bad happens, you either pull together as a team to conquer it or fragment with team being the operative word.

"Our expectations are the same as they are every year and that never changes," Bosgieter said. "I don't care what other people think, and our number one goal is to get better every day. For the most part, we have done that. When we get everything better than the previous day, then we're on the right road. That hasn't happened consistently in all three phases of the game. I've seen flashes of brilliance in each area, but not all three at the same time."

Bosgieter is 27-19 at Fremont in four seasons and 76-60 spanning his 13-year high school career.

"I think the kids feel a responsibility to uphold the Fremont football tradition and not just the last two years, but since the school opened (in 1994)," he said. "This is an awesome place to be, and with it comes responsibility to continue what has been done in the past. That's how we approach each day. We leave no stone unturned, and that's not just during the season."

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