Reader views 'election Olympics'

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:39 PM

Lee Barrett


The recent Olympics have thrilled and entertained. People from everywhere have supported their athletes.

In parallel, another contest is afoot - the U.S. presidential election - and many seem confused at the difference in candidates. More than a medal, the outcome will define our country’s future. Perhaps the Olympics can demonstrate the difference to voters and offer a clear decision.

An athlete from the make believe Island of Thimbali spends every waking hour lifting weights, dieting, training and sacrificing activities to be the best. She reviews Olympic video and knows the world record. She trains until she can comfortably beat that record and goes to the games.

Another athlete from the make believe country of Rambezi will compete in the same event as the Thimbali woman. But she states, "I have a life" and works at her sport as is convenient. She works just enough to win a spot for her country and really looks forward to Olympic social life.

The day arrives and the two athletes compete in an event where only the gold medal is awarded. The lady from Thimbali easily wins Gold while Rambezi doesn’t medal. The Rambezi woman files a protest.

If the Olympic committee is the Obama administration, the Gold medal from the Thimbali woman will be melted down into two half sized medals and one given to each competitor. If the Olympic committee is the Romney administration, the award on achievement will stand.

Which committee do you want to oversee your future?

Lee Barrett

West Point

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