'Personhood' amendment begs questions

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:46 PM

Mary B. Eldridge


Well, Utah is ready to go for Mitt Romney. That means they are also going for "personhood." Mitt Romney has promised Mike Huckabee he would support a constitutional amendment to make "personhood" the law of the land.

Would this mean we would no longer be able to determine how many children we want or can afford? Would birth control be forbidden? Would there be a special office set up to review all the women who can have children and make sure they do? Would we be required to report every time we have sex and do not become pregnant to verify that we did not use some method to keep from getting pregnant. Maybe miscarriages would be called spontaneous abortions and the woman would be required to have a doctor’s examination to verify that it was not an abortion.

There has also been talk of prison for women found using birth control. There would be no abortions--not for the life of the woman, or in the instances of incest or rape.

What was my surprise was to discover that Romney’s new VP candidate is for this! I thought he was only for getting rid of elderly people by doing away with Medicare. As his budget was examined after being approved by the Republican House, I had only listened to his views of Medicare and Medicaid. It might be interesting for go through this budget, which the Republicans support, and find out all the little things no one knew about.

Maybe information will be coming out through the debates.

Mary B. Eldridge

North Ogden

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