Syracuse officials organizing volunteerism group

Aug 21 2012 - 10:25pm

SYRACUSE -- City leaders are making an effort to encourage and streamline volunteering within the community.

Councilman Larry Shingleton will be setting up a community volunteer council, with help from Councilwoman Karianne Lisonbee in an effort to create a framework for citizen volunteerism within the city. The issue was discussed during a city council work session Tuesday and has been talked about several times in previous work sessions.

Lisonbee said the group will be run by volunteers, not by the city. She described the group as an independent committee, which will help with volunteer access to the city.

Lisonbee said she has already received responses from residents who want to participate.

"As I asked citizens if they would be interested in being involved on the committee, I was overwhelmed by the tremendous response," Lisonbee said.

Before she was on the council, Lisonbee said, she often found it difficult to interact with city officials on volunteer efforts. She hopes the committee will change that dynamic.

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