Pleasant View council approves three contracts

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 2:44 PM

Staff And Correspondents

PLEASANT VIEW -- Council members approved up to $30,000 for maintenance and cleaning of the sewer system.

City Utilities Superintendent Fred Hellstrom said the city received three bids on the work and the council approved the bid from Pro-Pipe. Hellstrom said Pro-Pipe has come out on emergency situations without a charge to the city.

Hellstrom also said one-third of the city sewer system is cleaned each year and Pro-Pipe has kept a color coded record to show what areas have been cleaned, since they have done the work for the city in the past.

As part of the same meeting, the city council also approved Johnson Construction to do concrete work around the new city shop for $7,200. Paul Ellsworth, who is the public works director said the price covers 2,250 square feet of concrete.

The city is also paying $8,000 a year for phone service from Century Link according to City Administrator Melinda Brimhall. The council approved a new contract which will lock in the current rate for the next two years.

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