Ogden School District board should be re-elected

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:07 PM

Lisa Bradshaw


I have been a resident of Ogden for 45 years. I have always been supportive of the community, the schools and the efforts that people make to make this great city a better place to live. For some time, there have been people that have been critical of the education of students in Ogden School District and blaming the school system for the reason that people have not wanted to live in Ogden.

They may have had reason in the past, but watching the Ogden School Board, the Ogden School District Administration, and the teachers over the past couple of years, has been more than encouraging. They have taken responsibility and are turning the district around. As I read about test score improvement at Dee and Madison Elementary Schools and the new junior high honors program, I know they are making efforts at all schools. But seeing what has happened at the high schools has impressed me even more.

From the top administrators to the counselors, to the individual teachers, a concerted team effort has been made to reach each student and ensure that they succeed and graduate. It is worthy to note that Ogden High graduated 302 of 307 seniors or 98.4 percent who started the 2011-2012 school years. Ben Lomond graduated 288 of the 292 seniors or 98.6 percent who started the 2011-2012 school years. This was no easy task, but it shows what can be done when everyone works together. These kinds of successes not only help each student, but will improve our entire city and give people one more reason to live in Ogden.

When the school board set a goal of 90 percent graduation rate by the end of 2013, many said that it couldn’t be done. With the leadership that is in place, it was achieved a year early.

Seeing this type of success, I would ask everyone to look at the leadership that is putting Ogden School District at the forefront and re-elect the current school board. I know that on Nov. 6, in my precinct, I will be marking my ballot for Shane Story. He has proven that he knows where education in this city needs to go and he is making the decisions to get it there.

Lisa Bradshaw


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