Kaysville gets new youth court judges

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:09 PM

Staff And Correspondents

KAYSVILLE -- Mayor Steve Hiatt recently administered the oath of office for more than 20 new youth court judges for the Kaysville City Youth Court.

The youth court is a voluntary program where youth offenders are referred by police to be judged in a court of their peers. The youth on the court serve as judges, clerks, jurors, and bailiffs.

Kim Smith, who has coordinated the program for 12 years, said the program has heard 500 cases since its inception.

Throughout the years, youth judges have imposed sentences totaling approximately 6,000 hours of community service, more than 300 written papers, 70 journals, and more than 1,000 apology letters.

They have also taught more than 1,000 peer counseling, peer tutoring, and choices classes.

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