Most don't want Layton 'urbanized'

Sep 24 2012 - 12:34pm


Near midnight, at the Layton City Council meeting, held April 6, 2012, a council member peered down at the audience and suggested that the capacity crowd of concerned citizens in attendance represented a "vocal minority" in Layton. Thanks to an army of volunteers who gathered signatures and to the more than 6,000 citizens who stopped to listen and sign the petitions, we can now hear "the majority."

The petitions were not filed to keep the landowners from selling or developing their property. The issue is the new, urban village center zone, that the city created for the landowners (Proposition 2), and the general plan was amended with (Proposition 3).

These changes resulted in a drastic shift of direction for the West Layton area with potential adoption in other Layton areas. The intent of the original master plan was to zone for responsible growth while keeping green spaces viable.

The new zone, approved by five city council members, did not address citizen concerns and values. One glaring example of several: no serious traffic study was conducted.

Citizens of Layton now "have a voice in the matter." Each of you can send that message. Help us protect our city from being urbanized! We want to be heard on important issues, "our issues!" The Layton City Council should work for us! They are our representatives! We support the original Master Plan as a guide for responsible growth.

Vote "against' Proposition 2 and 3 on November 6.

Corlie Ann Pead



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