Police name Kaysville apartment complex gunman

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:15 PM

Loretta Park

KAYSVILLE — Police say two men shot at the gunman who critically wounded a maintenance worker at the Francis Peak View apartments Friday.

The gunman, who died of his wounds, was identified Monday as Johnny Rosales, 47.

Police said Rosales opened fire on Steve Bailey, who was moving a refrigerator Friday afternoon.

In the aftermath of the shootings, police said one man had fired at Rosales to protect Bailey and other residents of the apartment complex.

On Monday, Kaysville Police Chief Sol Oberg said two men shot at Rosales, who was later found by SWAT team members dead in his apartment of multiple gunshot wounds.

Police did not shoot at Rosales during the incident, Oberg has said, and his wounds were not self-inflicted.

Oberg declined to release the names of the two men who fired at Rosales, saying police are still piecing together the evidence, as well as numerous witnesses’ statements to determine “who was standing where when shots were fired.”

Also, police are reviewing the evidence to decide if any charges will be filed.

“Both men expressed fear for life for themselves, for Mr. Bailey and for those in the apartment complex,” Oberg said.

He said Rosales was on the balcony at his apartment when he began yelling at Bailey and “picking a fight.”

Rosales used a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun to fire at least six shots at Bailey.

Rosales, who lived by himself at the apartment complex, did not have a criminal record, Oberg said.

Bailey, who has six gunshot wounds, is in a coma and in “very critical condition” at a local hospital, Oberg said.

The family has asked that the name of the hospital where he is being treated not be released.

The shooting and the SWAT team’s efforts to reach the gunman kept residents of the apartment complex on edge for more than two hours Friday.

Some residents were ordered to stay inside their apartments, while others who were outside of the complex were kept behind crime scene tape until the situation was resolved.

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