TRENDING WITH TX: K-Pop, Pinterest, Santigold, volunteering

Sep 24 2012 - 9:19am


South Korean rapper Psy
South Korean rapper Psy

Are you tuned into Korean music yet? That and the joys of Pinterest, some rockin' tunes from Santigold and a great way to volunteer are in the spotlight in our newest installment of Trending With TX.

A new sound

One of the items most related to teenagers has to be music, and one thing that's starting to take America by storm is K-Pop, and more specifically, South Korean rapper Psy's "Gangnam Style."

Maybe the explanation of why this South Korean musical genre is so big with teenagers could be a form of rebellion. They run around listening to a song in which their parents don't know what they are saying, but then again, a lot of the kids might not know either. It could just also be that they find it to be good music and love it all around.

The CEO of YG Entertainment, the company that produces Psy's music, said, " 'Gangnam Style' is not a hit K-Pop song, but rather, it is a major incident that marks a turning point for Korean music."

Speaking of Korean music, is "Gangnam Style" having you beg for more? That's fortunate, considering YG produces more stars such as Big Bang, 2NE1, 1TYM and many solo artists. Just released recently, in fact, is a mini album from artist G-Dragon titled "One of a Kind," which is also worth checking out.

Sara Bowker, Northridge High

Get 'pinned'

Pinterest. I had been hearing about it everywhere but I thought that the last thing I needed was to open another social networking site. It seemed like it was just something else that I would waste time on.

Eventually I caved, though, and I am so glad that I did.

Pinterest is a social networking site where users can "pin" things that they are interested in onto boards that they create. It is essentially the best of all things in the blogging world. All of the best recipes, crafts, cleaning tips and more are on Pinterest, with a link to the blog with a further explanation.

Pinterest is now the third most-used social networking site next to Facebook and Twitter. It is primarily popular with women in their 30s, although it's also catching on rapidly among the youth society. I love all the workout ideas and motivation for working out that I can find on Pinterest. There are also cooking tips and recipes that you may have never heard of. My favorite board that I have created is one titled "One Day" and it's a spot where I like to pin cute wedding ideas.

If you haven't yet, give Pinterest a try -- the only regret you'll have is that you didn't try it sooner.

Caitlynn Kindall, Ogden High

Golden Santigold

Santi White -- known best by her stage name Santigold -- released her debut album back in 2008. This album brought many positive reviews surrounding her 1980s pop style of music mixed with a New Wave sound.

Now, Santigold is back with her newest album that came out earlier this year called "Master of My Make-Believe." This album has 11 songs that come in at just under 40 minutes, and it is definitely the singer's best work yet. Every song dips in and out of genres from the hip-hop beats of "Freak Like Me" to the tribal electronics of "Big Mouth."

Every song brings something different and the diversity of Santigold's "Master of My Make-Believe" makes it a must-have for people who are looking to expand their music experience.

Miranda Romero, St. Joseph Catholic High

Off the shelf

Adults are always saying how we teenagers need to do more service. To be honest, sometimes logging all those service hours isn't the most enjoyable thing to do! However, volunteering at the local library can be more fun that it might initially seem.

There's no special training or certification that's necessary to volunteer at a library. The only prior knowledge you need is the ABCs. Shelving books, dusting bookcases and being quiet may not seem ideal, but the children's and teen's programs that most libraries participate in can be lots of fun. Helping plan book-themed parties and activities, decorating for summer reading programs, and talking about the latest and greatest novels with an endless stream of patrons can make the hours slip by like minutes.

Another great thing about volunteering at the library is that when you have an assignment in English class that just doesn't quite make sense, you've got a multitude of bookies and would-be writers to help you. You may not understand the abstract, deeper meaning that your English teacher wants you to see, but your friends at the library probably do, and they can help explain it so it makes sense and so you can find that deeper message by yourself next time.

Since your friends at the library also love to read, they are a good source for help with editing schoolwork. Their insights from their past reading and writing experience can give your paper that extra shine of perfection that will earn a higher grade than the unedited paper!

Abby Payne, Bear River High School

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