Reward Republicans' bad behavior; vote them back in

Sep 25 2012 - 1:54pm


Republicans continue to criticize Obama by saying he has done nothing for this country and they compare him to Jimmy Carter. That is an unfair assessment. Our financial crisis could have gone the other way and our recovery much worse. Republicans can continue to deny what they don't want to acknowledge.

They are poor losers, sabotaging the president clearly with a mission to get him out of office. So let's all reward them for bad behavior and vote them back in again. The Republicans have had plenty of time for a plan, but they have none. It's no wonder voters are skeptical.

In 1984, during the Reagan years, a bill was passed to change federal employees to Social Security. There was little information offered to employees and many now are finding out the full effect of that change. Prior to this bill, spouses could draw half of their spouses' Social Security. Now, those who have a federal retirement are no longer entitled to that half. This has forced many unknowing spouses to regain employment into their 70s and beyond to survive; but at least they have good health care.

There are many hard working citizens suffering out there and this is not the time to throw them under the bus. Voters need to know what the candidates stands for. Mitt has twice told the middle class and poor he does not care. Those who continue to criticize need to get off their perfect pedestals. They should try doing the president's job with little help.

Mitt maybe a saint, but he is beholding to the super rich. The Bible warns against greed; is this the beginning?

Pam Wixom

West Haven

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