Raising chickens teaches kids values, nutrition

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:25 PM

Mandy Shale


Regarding the Sept. 26 news article, "Ogden still bans raising chickens," I was talking with a professional colleague yesterday afternoon about her chickens. Mary lives in Rose Park and has 18 chickens. She proudly showed me pictures of the beautiful chicken coop that she and her family built, the baby chicks still being warmed by light bulbs, and "Mama" chicken, a beauty for sure. She explained to me how raising chickens has brought her family together and she described how her children are not only learning about where food comes from but also enjoying the increased nutritional content from the beautiful, large, orange yolks.

A family down the street moved to North Ogden last month because they too had experienced what fresh, daily, eggs and animal husbandry could bring to a family. The city made them get rid of their goose and they decided to move; family values was important to them.

When my family discussed the article on banned chickens this morning we were saddened greatly. There is a movement in the nation and in Utah cities for sustainable and local, nutritious food. The city council needs to wake up and recognize this, otherwise more families, like my own, will be moving out of Ogden.

Mandy Shale


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