Kim Delaney AWOL? NBC puts off viewers

Sep 29 2012 - 11:30pm


Kim Delaney
Kim Delaney

Q: What has happened to Kim Delaney on "Army Wives"? She has not been on in weeks and with the show coming to an end, I was wondering if she will be back.

A: The "Army Wives" season finale aired Sept. 9, and last week Lifetime renewed the show for a seventh season -- but no word yet on whether Kim Delaney will return. "Cast announcements will be made closer to the start of production," according to a Lifetime publicist.

Q: Is NBC serious that they think viewers are going to watch "Revolution" after what they did to viewers with "The Event"?

A: Or "FlashForward" on ABC. Or "Invasion" on ABC.

The prime-time graveyard is full of failed, serialized genre shows, but I think networks count on viewers' love of this type of show to outweigh their annoyance with past network fumbles.

"Revolution" executive producer Eric Kripke addressed those concerns in an interview during the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

"The landscape is littered with genre ensemble shows that have failed and I'm aware of those," he said. "All I can do is do my best to try to analyze what didn't work about those shows and try to do something different. For my mind, the best way to make a genre show is to make it not about genre at all and put the genre into the background and make it about the characters.

"If there's one thing a couple of those shows had in common, they were a little too focused on their concept and not focused enough on the fact that it's not why people tune in. It might be why they watch the pilot or what the splashy marketing is about, but it really is about complicated, imperfect, very human, very flawed characters trying to get together and make their way home.

"I watched every episode of 'Lost,' " he continued. "I thought the island was fine. I was reasonably interested in what happened on that island, but I watched for Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly and the others."

Q: Why would Starz cancel "Spartacus" when it's successful?

A: Starz chief Chris Albrecht said at the Television Critics Association press tour that the difficult decision was made "to leave people wanting more" rather than risk repeating themselves and diminishing the power of the franchise.

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