Drop party stereotypes, increase knowlede about candidates

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:30 PM

Pat Ericksen


The letter of Sept. 29, "Reward GOP bad behavior; vote them back in," is right on. Republican game playing has hurt our recovery? What happened to compromise? The president has many accomplishments and there is evidence of it every day. The stock market has rebounded, housing sales have increased, he has created jobs, and unemployment is dropping. Bin Laden, his top officials are gone, and our troops are coming home from a war we should never have been in. This is pretty amazing with little help. We are better off today.

The president had only a few days to react to the financial crisis. His main focus was to protect industry and jobs. The recovery method may not be the way Republican’s would have handled it, but we recovered. We should be grateful for that. We pay our representatives good money and they have great benefits; we should expect more.

The implied statement that 47 percent of Americans are lazy freeloaders is a shame. You can spin or justify it anyway you want and it is what it is. This type of thinking is only dividing this country. Voters can only change this by dropping party stereotypes and being knowledgeable about the candidates. Be open minded, research the candidates, filter through the lies and then vote for the best candidates. Our Representative should support the people not a party. My soul will not be bought by the rich Karl Rove and Company, nor Limbaugh bigotry and hatred.

Pat Ericksen

West Point

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