Northridge students' behavior appalling at game

Oct 1 2012 - 1:09pm


I am an aunt of a football player at Northridge High School. I attended the school's homecoming game against Syracuse High on September 28th. I sat just a few rows above the students. I thought the students' behavior was appalling. Many students did not stand or stay standing as our nations colors were presented.

The loudest "cheer" that came from the student body was to "boo" the opposing team as they came on the field. The Syracuse students cheered the entire game. Everyone was involved. The few Northridge cheers were drowned out by the students who spent the evening talking to their friends. There was little to no team spirit. Both teams played a wonderful game with excellent sportsmanship. Syracuse won the game and I believe part of that win was because of the students.

Leisha Flink



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