Obama should be a one-term president

Oct 4 2012 - 5:25pm


I'm responding the the letter of Oct. 1, "Obama represents all of us." There's a cluster of words in search of a thought. The liberals like them because they make them feel good. Truth is, they're wrong.

Does he represent the 8 million women who have lost their jobs since he took office? How about our ambassador, Chris Stevens and three other Americans killed while serving their country in Libya? Oh, yeah, "A bump in the road." Within hours, Obama knew more than he let on. Does he represent babies who survive botched abortions? Nope. He voted four times as an Illinois state senator to allow those babies to die without medical attention. Non-union people? No again.

In my opinion, he stole GM, cheated bond and stockholders out of their earnings and turned it over to the unions. He gave $25 billion of stimulus money to the teachers in Los Angeles, which the union is putting into the retirement fund. Does he represent veterans? No, he's going after TRICARE for military retirees. Senior citizens? No, he's taking $700 billion out of Medicare to fund Obamacare.

How about his "crony capitalism?" Many "green energy" companies got special funding through Obama and promptly went broke, such as Solyndra for several hundred million dollars. How much did he make on that deal? Does he represent pipeline workers on the Keystone Pipeline and other jobs. No representation here.

How about his "Hope and Change" slogan? Here's change. Gas prices have doubled, unemployment more than doubled, GDP is down from over 5 percent to an enemic 1.7 percent. The national debt nearly doubled. I remind the readers that Alan Greenspan kept raising interest rates to keep the economy from "overheating." Now, Ben Bernanke is printing money at break-neck speed to spark the economy. This tactic is likely leading to hyper-inflation.

Every political party wants the opposition party's president to be one term. Obama even said if he didn't turn things around in four years, he should be a one-term president. Let's help him out. His new campaign slogan is "Forward." It should be "Fore-warned."

Kelly Moore


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