Salt lake County mayoral candidate facing tax lien

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:36 PM


SALT LAKE CITY— Court documents show the Utah State Tax Commission filed a tax lien in March against the Republican Salt Lake County mayoral candidate.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Thursdaythat the commission claimed Republican Mark Crockett and his wife owed $172.46 in back income taxes.

Crockett told the newspaper the lien was news to him and that, to his knowledge, he’s paid all of his taxes. A Crockett spokeswoman called the disclosure a reaction to polls that show Crockett ahead of his Democratic opponent, Ben McAdams.

The tax lien was brought to light in a blog post by a Democratic Party legislative candidate in House District 43. McAdams said he was disappointed by the tax lien and that a leader needs to lead by example.

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