The pond that is not a pond

Oct 7 2012 - 11:16pm

PLEASANT VIEW -- It's a pond that is not a pond, according to Mayor Doug Clifford, who said, "It's the detention basin from hell. They want to turn it into a jet-ski pond, or an agricultural basin. We inherited this pond years ago."

He said the detention basin in Pleasant View Heights, which most neighbors consider a pond, was put in as an experimental pond by Utah State University.

"After that, we picked it up and adapted it to be a detention basin," Clifford said.

"Its surrounded by weeds and big trees," Councilman Scott Boehme said.

Clifford said it has been neglected and the city needs to turn it back into a detention basin.

"Some residents decided it's a pond. They want ducks and geese and to take kids fishing. This will never happen," Clifford said. "We need to decide how to manage that. Piping the springs to get the water out of there is essential."

City Administrator Melinda Brimhall said the pond/detention basin was inherited by the city about 30 years ago and after years of neglect has tons of vegetation, which is hard to control. She said the detention basin should not be accessed by the public at all.

Brimhall said when city employees are trying to complete other projects before winter, such as the wall around the new public works building, things like the detention basin get left on the back burner.

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