layton residents need honest answers about 'village'

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:31 PM

Stephen Peterson


In business, when a company refuses to listen or pay attention to a large part of their base of customers, failure is almost assured.

What happens when a city, or at least it’s council and mayor, refuse to listen or even acknowledge the possibility of seeing a situation differently than they do? We are probably going to find out.

When the new city code and West Layton Village went before the city council and mayor, they ignored over 100 people who waited for hours to ask questions as well as give their opinions.

When those same citizens asked for the questions and concerns to be addressed by postponing the vote until a later date, were they listened to? No!

When over 6,000 registered voters in Layton put their names on petitions to put this issue on the ballot did they then sit up and say maybe we were too hasty to pass this law, when that many concerned citizens are willing to stand against it? No!

Instead, they seem to be working on a campaign of subterfuge, telling of the great benefits of building more rental units in the middle of farm land, of building more retail space, while a mile away sits many large and small buildings begging for business to rent them.

If the mayor and city council refuse to listen, promoting their agenda over and above questions and objections of the tax- paying citizens, my last question is, who are they listening to and why? Certainly not the citizens who voted for them and help pay the bills the city of Layton is collecting. Why won’t they listen to the people who are not trying to control anything, we just have questions that deserve honest answers.

Stephen Peterson


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