Argument over freshly mopped floor ends in arrest

Oct 10 2012 - 10:58pm


David Wisniewski
David Wisniewski

OGDEN -- An argument between co-workers regarding walking over a freshly mopped floor led to an arrest for aggravated assault.

A supervisor at Southern Food Group tackled David Wisniewski, 29, when he saw Wisniewski pull out a knife and place it by his side during an argument Tuesday afternoon, said Ogden Police Lt. Chad Ledford.

Wisniewski got into a verbal altercation with a fellow employee who had walked over a floor that Wisniewski had just finished mopping.

As the argument became more heated, the supervisors told the employees to calm down or to take the argument outside.

When the supervisor went outside, he saw Wisniewski holding the knife by his side. The supervisor held the suspect until police arrived.

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