Romney on his way to a miraculous win

Oct 10 2012 - 3:21pm


Regarding the letter of Oct. 7, "Romney needs a miracle to get elected," let me start with a siide note. Isn't it wonderful that our God-inspired Constitution of this great nation allows us to voice our opinions on different subject via the TV, radio in the public square, or on the editorial page of a newspaper?

The letter writers states that it will take a miracle for Mitt Romney to win this year's presidential election.

Now for the miracle. Does or doesn't the letter writer realize that miracles still happen? I can testify that they still do because of having been witness to and a part of a modern-day miracles. This miracle that the writer says needs to happen is already beginning to take shape with Mitt Romney's decisive win the in the first presidential debate.

God is still in charge and he is who we receive our agency and freedoms from, not President Obama and some members of his misguided government party in charge at this time.

I hope and pray, yes pray, that we people who want to see this great country and government return back to what has made it the greatest nation on earth, need to work hard for Mitt Romney and the Republican Party to make this miracle happen.

Please vote!

Dennis Barker

North Ogden

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