Family appreciates support after multiple tragedies

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:41 PM

Margaret Brough


I would like to thank the many, many people who have helped us in the wake of the tragic loss of our "Jennie" (Oct. 11, "Kaysville family dealing with another tragedy").

Jennie Wahlstrom was in Hawaii when an accident occurred that took her life. The people of Hawaii did not know my grandson Nathan, took him into their hearts and helped him with much love and compassionate service until my daughter Margaret could get there to be with him and help him.

Many things had to be taken care of and you can image how hard it was for him to be over there alone after his "sweetheart" had been killed in this tragic accident. The many acts of kindness expressed in Hawaii by complete strangers were met on this side of the Pacific from friends, neighbors and strangers here in the Kaysville and Fruit Heights area.

As a family we could never express how thankful we are for your many prayers and acts of kindness. It has been just a little over 11 years since Nathan lost his aunt and grandmother on American Airlines Flight 11 that went into the World Trade Center in New York. The Youth of Promise is just finishing up the work on a memorial to Carolyn and Mary Alice Wahlstrom. We had a very special program on 9-11-12 in the Utah State Botanical Gardens for the dedication of the monument, and now we have had this happen. It seemed at the onset, could we do this again? Yes, we are doing it again, but not alone, it is with your help, prayers and compassionate service that we will do this again...and we will survive. Please keep Natham and his little family of four small children in your prayers. We can do it!

As a grateful grandparent I say thanks to all of you.

Margaret Brough


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