Farr West council: Beware of phony letter

Oct 11 2012 - 2:17pm

FARR WEST -- A letter pretending to be from the city has been circulated in Farr West, which is at times handwritten and other times typed, according to Councilman Paul Dinsdale.

Dinsdale said the letter is not from the city and he wants residents to know it. Dinsdale said the letter includes copies of very old city ordinances and tells people they are going to be in trouble.

Councilwoman Ava Painter said her neighbor had received one of the phony letters and he was intimidated by it.

"It needs to stop," said Painter, "whoever this person is, is representing the city."

Painter said the letter comes in a handwritten envelope and quotes things like an old city noise ordinance and threatens the resident receiving the letter with eviction.

"There is no monetary gain, they are just harassing people," said Shupe.

City Clerk Andrea Zweifel said if someone has a problem with a neighbor they should go talk to the council, they should not represent the city.

"We don't want residents to be intimidated and think we are going to take some kind of action on them," said Painter.

She said real public nuisance letters do go out, but are signed by the mayor.

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