Our View: Wight a great pick to lead WSU

Oct 11 2012 - 2:38pm

Count us among those very pleased that Charles A. Wight, currently with the University of Utah, will soon become the 12th president of Weber State University.

Wight will take over the job from President F. Ann Millner in January. He has impeccable credentials, with nearly 30 years experience with the university down south, the University of Utah. He arrived at the University of Utah in 1984 as an assistant professor of chemistry. He became a full professor nine years later. Wight has experience in several leadership positions at the university, and currently is the university's associate vice president for academic affairs and dean of the graduate schools.

Millner has high praise for Wight, saying, "He brings academic administration experience, and he is experienced in technology and technology-enhanced learning. He has a vision for the future of higher education. He will be an able leader for Weber State University."

Wight has outlined some priorities for Weber State University, and we will be eager to see how well he does in overseeing these goals. They include making sure WSU contributes to Utah's goal of a state with 66 percent of the state's population having college or post-high school training.

Other goals that Wight has expressed include increased emphasis on technology as a learning tool and making sure that college is affordable for students.

Another plus from Wight's being chosen is that it shows that Weber State University did not have to look out-of-state to find the best choice for a leader. Wight has a long history of excellence within Utah. Our state has a wide selection of superior education professionals within the institutions of higher learning.

We're confident that Wight will prove to be an effective, innovator leader for the community and Weber State University.


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