Roy adjusts landlord program

Oct 12 2012 - 7:57pm


ROY -- The Good Landlord Program is off and running, but it needs a little tweaking.

The program offers training for landlords and also requires that landlords do certain things, such as conduct background checks on potential renters.

In exchange, the landlords get a break on how much they have to pay in fees.

City Manager Chris Davis said so far the program has been well received by landlords. However, there have been some questions and concerns.

Some landlords who have only one unit or rent to family members aren't sure they need to be included in the program or pay higher fees if they choose not to participate. Also, some landlords who are with the military have asked about how the program will work for them when they are deployed or about how it will work if they want to rent their homes while deployed.

"We are still researching that aspect," Davis said regarding the military-related questions.

Mayor Joe Ritchie suggested the council consider something special for military personnel similar to the utility stipend the city offers.

Because the city launched the program late in the year, landlords haven't had to pay their fees until July and August and Davis is concerned about what will happen come January when they have to pay again. He suggested the council consider doing some kind of credit so it won't be such a big hit at the new year.

"There have been very few complaints by the community or staff overall. The staff has been very helpful and very busy," Davis said.

He also suggested the possibility of lowering the fee for landlords who participate in the Good Landlord program. Currently, those in the program Good Landlord pay $72.50 for their licensing fees and those not in the program pay $145.

Roy has been looking into other cities' programs to make sure theirs is in line. Davis plans to bring that information to a future council meeting so the city can tweak parts of the program if needed.

City Councilman Willard Cragun said he has received some calls, mostly from landlords with single-family rentals with concerns, but overall he thinks the program is a good one. "(We) just need to make sure it's beneficial to them (homeowners) as well as the community," he said.

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