Those driven from Navoo didn't retaliate against U.S.

Oct 12 2012 - 1:56pm


In a recent letter (Oct. 5 "U.S. winks at illegal settlements in Palestine"), the writer stated that Palestinians were justifiably bitter about losing their homes. One hundred years before the legal creation of the state of Israel, my ancestors were driven out of Navoo and Missouri. The U.S. government was totally compliant with this illegal action. Did their descendants, in 1912, after 65 years and three generations, fly World War I-era planes into the buildings of Washington D.C? By this letter writer's logic they would have been justified in doing so. 

Did they kill children who knew nothing about their homes being stolen from my ancestors?

This letter writer states that we should have compassion for the displaced Palestinians but makes no mention of all of the displaced Israelis who lost their homes every time Israel tried to trade land for peace and lost both. He also didn't condemn the Arabs who threw most of the Palestinians out of their homes in Jordan, Egypt etc., making them move to Palestine in the first place.

But, even in his rationalization for justifying violence, the letter writer is incorrect. The people in the planes on 9/11 were not Palestinians, they were from other countries and they had no ties to Palestine. Nor, were the attacks, in the words of the people who claimed credit for them, retaliation for the displacement of Palestinians.

The U.S. does not blindly support Israel; quite the contrary. Our president doesn't even like Israel and snubs her prime minister when ever he gets the chance. Those Americans who do support Israel do so because Israel is the only functioning democracy in the middle east and those evil Israelis "with all of the compassion of a rattlesnake" as the letter writer puts it, do not commit terrorist acts against the U.S. or their Arab neighbors.

Not all Palestinians are terrorists, many move out of the camps into cities in Israel where they hold jobs and live in peace with Jews and Christians. But those who are terrorists can not justify being terrorists simply because their grandparents were wronged.

Don Jones


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